The state of Louisiana is now enacting the management plan for invasive species compiled by Tulane/Xavier Center for Bioenvironmental Research.  Numerous state agencies such as the Department of Natural Resources, the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, the Department of Health and Hospitals, and the Department of Environmental Quality, as well as federal entities such as the Coast Guard, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have joined forces with industry, education, community groups and local political establishments to enact this comprehensive, multipronged plan.  Many projects under the auspices of the plan are underway, and some of those enacted by the BTNEP office are described below.  If you are interested in joining the effort against invasive species please contact us.


Invasive Species Action Plan Team (ISAPT) Project Descriptions

Barataria Terrebonne Residents' Guides

This project will produce a series of guides that will explain the benefits of using native plants to improve wildlife habitat, provide water quality best management practices, and describe other eco-friendly landscaping practices, such as composting.  The guides will be produced with color pictures and written in laymen's terms to be distributed to the general public.  The first two booklets in the series, Landscaping with Native Plants and Attracting Wildlife with Native Plants, is now available.  The Guide is downloadable by clicking here: Residents' Guide . Please contact the BTNEP office for free copies. To request copies by email:


Invasive Exotic Species Educational Video

An exotic invasive species educational video will be produced targeting the general public, to increase citizen awareness of invasive species in Louisiana. The video would primarily focus on environmental, economic, and cultural/historical impacts of exotic invasive species, and would provide suggestions to reduce the impacts of exotic invasive vegetation in residential landscaping.


Support for the Development of Non-Indigenous Aquatic Nuisance Species Management

The Tulane/Xavier Center for Bioenvironmental Research was contracted to compose a management plan for invasive species in Louisiana.  The completed plan has been approved by the Louisiana Aquatic Invasive Species Advisory Task Force, of which BTNEP is a member, and currently awaits approval by the Governor's office.  The plan is comprehensive in scope, and provides management goals for all of our most threatening invasives.  It can be viewed on the   Tulane/Xavier CBR website by clicking here. 

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