Control Options

Controlling Invasive Species can be conducted through a number of methods.  Below are the typical methodologies used within Louisiana to control invasive species growth.

  • Biological control is the use of biological agents (fish, pathogens, insects, plants...) to combat unwanted exotic species.  It is an effort to restore the ecological system of checks and balances.  Most often, but not always, biocontrol agents are also exotic, making biocontrol a somewhat risky option.

  • Chemical control  is accomplished using toxic chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, and algaecides.  Ideally, the chemical is harmful only to the target species, but this is not always the case.

  • Legislative control is an important method to control the spread and proliferation of exotic invasive species.  This encompases regulation of interstate trade of exotic plant and animal species, ballast water regulation, and land use regulations.

  • Manual/Mechanical control Manual or mechanical removal of exotic plants is the removal of plants by physical extraction such as pulling or cutting.  This method is sometimes the only feasible control option, especially in sensitive environments where herbicide use would be too detrimental.
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